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Mushy Goodbye Stuff

21 Feb

It’s time for me to go now. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’m going to miss this place. I learned so much about myself here. I’m happy to have accomplished almost all that I set out to do during my time here. From day one, I’ve held a leadership position amongst my classmates. I graduated as class leader and the Certificate of Achievement recipient. I had the incredible honor of being selected to represent my company in the Soldier of the Month Board, and although I didn’t win first place, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge that I can use in the future. I passed all of my classes and only got one 2nd time go. I was seen favorably in the eyes of all of my cadre. By some miracle, I got a 100% on my run time for my final PT test. I made so many friends and I’m not leaving with any enemies. This was one of the most proud and humbling times I’ve had in my life thus far and I have to give the glory to God for sustaining me, for favoring me, for sending me to the company I was sent to, even though I didn’t want to be there when I first arrived.
Basic Training taught me the fundamentals of how to operate in the Army, how to maintain discipline. But my Delta company cadre taught me what it means to be a leader. Thank you, Sergeant Charles, for always digging motivation out of us, even when we didn’t think there was any reason to be motivated. Thank you, Sergeant Gaskin, for teaching me what it means to maintain military bearing at all times, for challenging me, and speaking highly of me to my parents. Thank you, Sergeants Woods and Smith, for never accepting excuses for any reason, and for treating everyone like we were equally worthless. You taught me to accept responsibility for my mistakes. Thank you, Sergeant Wade, for reminding me that even if I make mistakes, I dust it off and keep moving, because I have a job to do and soldiers to lead. You and Sergeant Lewis calling me Sergeant Major developed the leader in me. I thought I was confident before, but the both of you calling me Sergeant Major all of the time reinforced it a thousand fold. Thank you, Sergeant Menchavez and Sergeant Casel for allowing me to lead our company in calling cadence. To Sergeant Johnson, thank you for not letting my roomates and I off easy when we were late to the 1030 formation that time. You taught me that there are consequences for my actions. And thanks to you and Sergeant Lewis for trying to get my rank figured out. Sergeant Guerra, thank you for always being level headed and for teaching me that two angry people can’t have a discussion. Thank you, First Sergeant, for all of the time you took out to prepare me for the board, not only reviewing questions, but emphasizing the importance of maintaining my bearing. And thank you for being approachable. To Captain Franklin, thank you for caring enough about the caliber of the soldiers in Delta company to give us safety briefs every week. To my instructors at the schoolhouse, you went above and beyond with your instructions and you taught us in ways that we understood. And lastly, to my battles, who managed to piss me off at least twice a day, and make me laugh the third time. I love you guys.

Thank you all for pulling out the best in me.

D Co Barracks

D Co


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20 Feb

Well, it’s official. My classmates and I finished our last night of training last week, our last ruck march and ODX this week, and walked across the stage today. We’re officially graduated 91 Bravos. All that’s left to do now is out process. That may take longer than normal, thanks to all of this random, wonderful snow and yet another 4 day holiday weekend. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t want to go. Let the time pass as slowly as possible. I’m really going to miss this place and all of my battles. But enough of the emotional stuff- I’ll save that for the next post.
I got caught sleeping during the ceremony by a First SGT from another company, and after being chastised for my inability to keep my eyes open through that incredibly dry ceremony, she proceeded to point out that my hair (which is in a fade) is out of regulations. -_- That was the most interesting thing that happened during the ceremony, at least that I’m aware of. It was incredibly dry. Not a tear was shed.
My Platoon SGT informed me today that I’ve been selected to receive the Certificate of Achievement for our class (aww yiss) I was the top all around soldier for class 12. Not to gloat, but I’m glad to finally be recognized. After I wasn’t selected for Honor Grad, I got a little worried. But I earned this and I’m damn proud of myself for it. Brown got the award for Distinguished Honor Grad for our class (ooh, so fancy)! I’m happy for her. She got through the entire cycle with all 1st time goes in every mod. She beat me out by a couple of points, thanks to that stupid 2nd time go I got in D-mod. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to let that go eventually. Stupid timing pin.
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Going on off-post leave for the last time


Being stuck ON post b/c off all that freaking snow