MOS Complications

10 Apr

Well, today I had to pick another MOS AGAIN -_-. (Just go with it, I’ll explain later). This is the second day in a row. Yesterday, when I went to talk to my recruiter, I was a 35p hopeful. Then, upon arriving at the base, we discovered that that slot- the ONLY Linguist slot available in the entire state- was snatched away by some other lucky son of a gun while I was away on Spring break. I, of course, was disappointed. 😦 <– that’s my sad face.

Then, we looked around for a bit and found another MOS that we thought would fit me, Blackhawk Heli Repair. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t crazy about the new job. But after I finished wallowing in my own self pity over not getting my dream MOS, I realized how awesome it was going to be to work on Blackhawks! I mean, how many girls can say that they repaired and flew in Blackhawks right? Well, as I found out this morning, I won’t be one of the few. It turns out that there was a soldier who requested a transfer to the unit that was offering that position -_-. Of course, I understand the NGs position; why send a brand new grunt through all that training when there is someone who’s already qualified to do the job? Still, I’m a little disappointed.

Now, as of this morning, I’m going to be a 91B, Light Vehicle Mechanic. I’m supposed to swear in Monday, but I can’t help but wonder whether or not I’ll end up with another MOS by then.



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