The “Who’da Thunk?” List

18 Oct

If this isn’t your first time to the site, you’ve probably already seen my Impossible List inspired by Joel Runyon, the creator of the Impossible Blog. Well, I have to thank Mr. Runyon again, for he has once again inspired me. This time to create my own list. I call it the “Who’da Thunk?” List. Unlike the things on my Impossible List, which are things I plan to do, everything on this List happened without any planning or premeditation. The point of this list is to remind myself of the good that happens in my life, and to keep me thankful, optimistic, and hopeful that good will continue to happen.  As I remember things, I’ll continue to add them to my list, but here’s a few just to start off with for now.

Introducing (fanfare in background) *dun-dun-dun-duuuh!!* the First Ever, Completely Original (as far as I know), One and Only (for now) “Who’da Thunk?” List!!

Who’da Thunk?” List

Won Train tickets on a radio concert after calling in to ask when they were giving away Train tickets-June 28th of 2012

Had to give them away, MUCH to my dismay -_- -July 26th of 2012

Won Arrested Development tickets from the same station after randomly deciding to call in to see what would happen -September 19th of 2012

Had to give those away -_- -September 19th of 2012

Got to go on a trip to DC with some classmates the week of the first debate- October 1st- 4th of 2012

Almost got locked in/arrested at the National Art Museum- October 3rd

Got interviewed by France TV in D.C. on our opinion of how the debate went- October 3rd of 2012

Won Matchbox 20 tickets on the radio (I swear, me and this radio)- April 8th of 2013

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