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The Easiest Meal You’ll Ever Fix in Your Life Series

18 Oct

I’ve just been let in on the fact that a lot of people don’t cook. :O (Who knew, right? It’s like some sort of nationwide epidemic.) So far,  I’ve heard three people I know give three reasons for not fixing their own food.

  1. I’d like to, but I just don’t have the time to cook (usually people who work).
  2. Buying food costs too much (usually mis amigos in college).
  3. I don’t know how/I’m a terrible cook/I can’t even boil water (usually a little bit of everyone)

If it isn’t clear by now, knowing what’s going in your body and where it came from is very important to me. And the best way I know of accomplishing that is preparing your own food. So I’ve decided to start a series to encourage anyone who fits into the above categories that they can do it. I’m calling it the “The Easiest Meal You’ll Ever Fix in Your Life” Series. Or TEMYEFYL for short. Every TEMYEFYL (teh-mEE-Ef-ful) will fit at least one of the following categories:

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy
  3. Quick

I’ll try to post at least one TEMYEFYL a week for as long as I can think of them. Also, if you have any TEMYEFYLs of your own you’d like to see posted here, let me know and I’ll be glad to share it. 🙂


The “Who’da Thunk?” List

18 Oct

If this isn’t your first time to the site, you’ve probably already seen my Impossible List inspired by Joel Runyon, the creator of the Impossible Blog. Well, I have to thank Mr. Runyon again, for he has once again inspired me. This time to create my own list. I call it the “Who’da Thunk?” List. Unlike the things on my Impossible List, which are things I plan to do, everything on this List happened without any planning or premeditation. The point of this list is to remind myself of the good that happens in my life, and to keep me thankful, optimistic, and hopeful that good will continue to happen.  As I remember things, I’ll continue to add them to my list, but here’s a few just to start off with for now.

Introducing (fanfare in background) *dun-dun-dun-duuuh!!* the First Ever, Completely Original (as far as I know), One and Only (for now) “Who’da Thunk?” List!!

Who’da Thunk?” List

Won Train tickets on a radio concert after calling in to ask when they were giving away Train tickets-June 28th of 2012

Had to give them away, MUCH to my dismay -_- -July 26th of 2012

Won Arrested Development tickets from the same station after randomly deciding to call in to see what would happen -September 19th of 2012

Had to give those away -_- -September 19th of 2012

Got to go on a trip to DC with some classmates the week of the first debate- October 1st- 4th of 2012

Almost got locked in/arrested at the National Art Museum- October 3rd

Got interviewed by France TV in D.C. on our opinion of how the debate went- October 3rd of 2012

Won Matchbox 20 tickets on the radio (I swear, me and this radio)- April 8th of 2013

12 Oct

One Nation, Under Corn

10 Oct

Do you know what happens in corn syrup factories? Me neither. In fact, no one knows. I’ve just finished reading a very enlightening/scary post by Trailer Park Unschoolers about the corn industry. The author and her children are watching a documentary titled “King Corn” which I’ve definitely added to my must watch list- I suggest you do the same. The film goes deep into the corn industry (hehehe) to reveal to us exactly what we’re putting in our bodies everyday. But apparently some areas are off limits. Enter corn syrup factories. Apparently, the team making the documentary were not allowed into corn syrup factory to see how it is processed. I don’t know about you, but the fact that the places that provide an ingredient present in just about everything we eat that isn’t directly from a farm is kinda freakin’ scary! Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but if they can’t tell us what we’re eating I’m curious to know why.

Just food for thought.

My Impossible List

10 Oct

This is my impossible list, inspired by Blake Boles of Zero Tuition College and Joel Runyon, the original author of The Impossible List , the Impossible Blog, and a lot of other awesome Impossible-related things. To quote Mr. Runyon “The Impossible list is NOT a bucket list.” Why the name then, you might be asking? I like to think because none of the things on this list are possible without taking some kind of action. As I accomplish them, I’ll cross them off and put the date they were completed.

Disclaimer: It’s a long list, so bear with me.


  • Compete in a Spartan Sprint. Complete.
  • Compete in a Spartan Beast. Complete.
  • Beast the AFPT
  • Run a 10 minute mile
  • Run an 8 minute mile
  • Run a 6 minute mile
  • Do 90 consecutive days of P90X
  • Do 1 pullup
  • Do 10 pullups
  • Exercise 7hrs/wk.
  • Learn to swim/tread
  • Play frisbee golf
  • Buy a bicycle and use it at least 3x a week
  • Run in an Electric Run


  • Cook one new food/dessert every week for a year and share the results on my blog
  • Compile 1 years (365) worth of recipes into a cookbook
  • Try calamari
  • Prepare Passover meal
  • Prepare a whole fish by myself (Comp. Sun, Apr. 14th of 2013. Red Snapper and Blue Fish.)
  • Have my deserts sold in a restaurant or grocery store
  • Make a loaf of bread (Completed Sun., Feb. 17th of 2013)
  • Make bread on a regular basis
  • Learn to pickle/can/dehydrate foodstuffs
  • Get through at least one growing season where something actually grows
  • Taste wine (Completed sometime in March. It was gross)
  • Try everything on the menu at Amelie’s


  • Read the Bible 7hrs./week
  • Minister to someone (Comp. Sat., Oct. 6th of 2012)
  • Lead someone to Christ
  • Witness a miracle/wonder/sign
  • Visit Israel
  • Have a 3+ day walkabout in the wilderness
  • Participate in 3 Jewish festivals
  • See God honored by someone who doesn’t believe in Him
  • Make a stand for my faith


  • Do at least 3 DIY projects per month for a year
  • Build a solar oven
  • Take a woodshop/carpentry course
  • Make 6 pieces of pottery in 3/6 months
  • Completely cover my walls with comic scripts,verses,quotes
  • Enter and win a photography contest
  • Enter an essay contest
  • Participate in a national trivia challenge
  • Own 3 vintage cameras
  • Be in a movie
  • Be in a video (Comp. Oct. 14th of 2012)
  • Work on a movie set
  • Build a gingerbread house without a kit
  • Invent something amazing
  • Write an article for a magazine
  • Go fishing with Dad ( Comp. 4th of July weekend, 2012)
  • Go deep sea fishing w/wo Dad


  • Go to the Olympic Games
  • Go to the Paralympic Games
  • Go to Burning Man
  • Stay in Rio during Carnival
  • Stay at Burj Al Arab in Dubai
  • Spend 3 months in India
  • Spend a summer in Italy
  • Run across Bermuda
  • Spend 8 months traveling across South America. Solo.
  • Cross-country roadtrip across U.S.
  • Visit Amsterdam
  • Visit China
  • Visit Spain and Portugal
  • Couch surf in 4 different countries
  • Stay in a hotel/house made from a shipping container
  • Take/send Mom and Dad to New Zealand to see where they filmed LoTR
  • Go to ComiCon
  • See a performance on West End
  • See a performance on Broadway
  • Do an organic homestay
  • Stay in SweetPea Hostel in Asheville, NC
  • Ride a train
  • Ride a Plane
  • Travel to the West Coast


  • Start a blog (huzzah! Comp. on Sept. 17th of 2012)
  • Blog at least once a week for 52 weeks
  • Own a redbox kiosk
  • Start my personal grocery shopping and consulting business  (In progress Sept. 2012.)
  • Own a hostel
  • Get an awesome job that I’m not “qualified” for
  • Work at an animal rescue
  • Speak 5 other languages conversationally
    • – Spanish
    • – French
    • -Arabic
    • – Italian
    • – Russian
  • Learn to play the cello/
  • Play w. a musical ensemble/concert/solo in front of 20+ people ( March 15th, 2013. 2xSalt.)
  • Design a house.Build it.
  • Attend a World Domination Summit
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Learn to drive a stick


  • Become a Big Sister/mentor
  • Help fund a start-up
  • Teach a class on self-sufficient/sustainable living
  • Nominate someone for a well deserved reward
  • Fund a scholarship program for self-directed learners pursuing non-traditional paths of education
  • Advance the homeschool/unschool movement
  • Help a family get back on their feet
  • Throw a Thank You Banquet for the people who have helped me
  • Build an open Storehouse
  • Give away something every week for a year


  • Have $1,000/$10,000 in savings
  • Give 15% of my gross income to the Body
  • Make $500/$1000/$2000 in a month, not working a 9 to 5
  • Give $20/$50/$75/$100 to a stranger
  • Pick up the tab of the person behind me at the drive-thru
  • Fill up someone else’s gas tank


  • Keep my room “clean” by my mother’s standards for a month. Then have a giant mess party 😀
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Plan/help organize a surprise party (Comp. Oct. 6th of 2012, Aunt Kat’s surprise baby shower)
  • Prank someone really well
  • Teach PT to stay in the yard without running away
  • Make a documentary

I warned you it was long 🙂