Next Mission

25 Mar

A. Get a car. A car is the key to happiness.
2. Don’t run out of money. Possibly find a job (bleh) until this summer.
Tres. Take that car on a roadtrip.

That’s pretty much the plan for now. I’m thinking about going to Afropunk this year. It looks awesome and it’s freeee!! I definitely want to do at least my first helpx this summer as well. I’m planning that for July since we won’t have drill that month.
Speaking of drill, guess who got promoted at her last RSP drill? 1148916_635108553233485_171847432_n

Yeah, that’s right.



Mushy Goodbye Stuff

21 Feb

It’s time for me to go now. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’m going to miss this place. I learned so much about myself here. I’m happy to have accomplished almost all that I set out to do during my time here. From day one, I’ve held a leadership position amongst my classmates. I graduated as class leader and the Certificate of Achievement recipient. I had the incredible honor of being selected to represent my company in the Soldier of the Month Board, and although I didn’t win first place, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge that I can use in the future. I passed all of my classes and only got one 2nd time go. I was seen favorably in the eyes of all of my cadre. By some miracle, I got a 100% on my run time for my final PT test. I made so many friends and I’m not leaving with any enemies. This was one of the most proud and humbling times I’ve had in my life thus far and I have to give the glory to God for sustaining me, for favoring me, for sending me to the company I was sent to, even though I didn’t want to be there when I first arrived.
Basic Training taught me the fundamentals of how to operate in the Army, how to maintain discipline. But my Delta company cadre taught me what it means to be a leader. Thank you, Sergeant Charles, for always digging motivation out of us, even when we didn’t think there was any reason to be motivated. Thank you, Sergeant Gaskin, for teaching me what it means to maintain military bearing at all times, for challenging me, and speaking highly of me to my parents. Thank you, Sergeants Woods and Smith, for never accepting excuses for any reason, and for treating everyone like we were equally worthless. You taught me to accept responsibility for my mistakes. Thank you, Sergeant Wade, for reminding me that even if I make mistakes, I dust it off and keep moving, because I have a job to do and soldiers to lead. You and Sergeant Lewis calling me Sergeant Major developed the leader in me. I thought I was confident before, but the both of you calling me Sergeant Major all of the time reinforced it a thousand fold. Thank you, Sergeant Menchavez and Sergeant Casel for allowing me to lead our company in calling cadence. To Sergeant Johnson, thank you for not letting my roomates and I off easy when we were late to the 1030 formation that time. You taught me that there are consequences for my actions. And thanks to you and Sergeant Lewis for trying to get my rank figured out. Sergeant Guerra, thank you for always being level headed and for teaching me that two angry people can’t have a discussion. Thank you, First Sergeant, for all of the time you took out to prepare me for the board, not only reviewing questions, but emphasizing the importance of maintaining my bearing. And thank you for being approachable. To Captain Franklin, thank you for caring enough about the caliber of the soldiers in Delta company to give us safety briefs every week. To my instructors at the schoolhouse, you went above and beyond with your instructions and you taught us in ways that we understood. And lastly, to my battles, who managed to piss me off at least twice a day, and make me laugh the third time. I love you guys.

Thank you all for pulling out the best in me.

D Co Barracks

D Co


1891250_799460200082394_486271283_n 1176185_625638910838849_142127549_n 1620430_799460073415740_1502876030_n

20 Feb

Well, it’s official. My classmates and I finished our last night of training last week, our last ruck march and ODX this week, and walked across the stage today. We’re officially graduated 91 Bravos. All that’s left to do now is out process. That may take longer than normal, thanks to all of this random, wonderful snow and yet another 4 day holiday weekend. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t want to go. Let the time pass as slowly as possible. I’m really going to miss this place and all of my battles. But enough of the emotional stuff- I’ll save that for the next post.
I got caught sleeping during the ceremony by a First SGT from another company, and after being chastised for my inability to keep my eyes open through that incredibly dry ceremony, she proceeded to point out that my hair (which is in a fade) is out of regulations. -_- That was the most interesting thing that happened during the ceremony, at least that I’m aware of. It was incredibly dry. Not a tear was shed.
My Platoon SGT informed me today that I’ve been selected to receive the Certificate of Achievement for our class (aww yiss) I was the top all around soldier for class 12. Not to gloat, but I’m glad to finally be recognized. After I wasn’t selected for Honor Grad, I got a little worried. But I earned this and I’m damn proud of myself for it. Brown got the award for Distinguished Honor Grad for our class (ooh, so fancy)! I’m happy for her. She got through the entire cycle with all 1st time goes in every mod. She beat me out by a couple of points, thanks to that stupid 2nd time go I got in D-mod. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to let that go eventually. Stupid timing pin.
Ok, that’s all for now.


Going on off-post leave for the last time


Being stuck ON post b/c off all that freaking snow

Annoying Things People Do and How To Fix Them

4 May

I’m not usually one to complain about little things. But there are just some things that are absolutely annoying. So annoying that I’ve made a list of them. I call it “Annoying Pet Peeves List.”

  • When rappers assign new meanings to words that already have MULTIPLE meanings. Think “Racks on racks on racks.” Do you know how many meanings the word rack(s) has already?? And you just thought it would be fun to add to the list?!
    Solution: Before you start to make a rap about something, purchase a thesaurus so you can steer clear of words with previously assigned defenitions. 🙂
  • When people leave their shopping carts at a parking spot instead of walking 10-20 ft to put it in the designated buggy area thing. 
    Solution: Stores should follow Aldi’s example: charge people quarters when they use a cart. Then, after you’ve finished shopping and return your cart, you get your quarter back. I’ve never seen an abandoned cart at Aldi before, just sayin’.
  • Road Rage. Angrily honking at the guy who just cut you off isn’t making anybody’s day better. Now you’re all pissy because he’s cut you off, he’s all pissy because you’ve honked at him angrily- nobody benefits from road rage. And what if he’s an emotionally unstable MMA fighter? What’s to say he won’t get out of his car and attack you for angry-honking?
  • Untitled

    ^Observe, his angry scowl^
    Solution: Don’t honk, follow my scream then laugh technique. The way this works is that instead of you honking at the rude person that was obviously wrong for cutting you off, you take that aggression and channel it into positivity. Instead of shouting a string of expletives, you’d say something like this: “WOW! YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT DRIVER! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!” in the loudest, most sarcastic voice you can (assuming your windows are up),thus bringing yourself some sort of satisfaction while eliminating the risk of having your face destroyed by an angry MMA fighter.

Using this technique has been scientifically proven (not at all) to decrease road rage by 40% (made that up, too).
But trust me, it works.

There are so many Awesome People In The World

24 Apr

And this June, I may have a chance to meet some of them at the Trailblazer Gathering , founded by Blake Boles, in Asheville! That is, if I get to go. Which is pretty much dependent on me not having a drill rescheduled for anytime that week. Oh yeah, and having money to pay for it. Hopefully, neither of those things interfere (interfer? idk) and I’m able to go. “Chari, what is this Trailblazer Gathering you speak of?” you may ask. Well, invisible internet person (who may or may not actually be there) the best way to learn about it would be to go through the link and read the Vision. I’d rather you get your own firsthand persective than for me to tell you about it and not do it justice. While you’re there, check out the schedule for all of the things that they’ll we’ll be doing that week. What I will tell you is that it’ll be awesome. Maybe I’ll see ya there.


Weekend Update with Chari McG: Fishay Fishay, Prom, and Swearing In

23 Apr

I could’ve sworn that I updated this last Tuesday, but I guess I didn’t. Anyway, here’s what Ive been up to.

1. Went to prom. It was awesome! I danced the night away (whoohoo!go me!!) I saw lots of people that I used to go to school with, which was nice. We went to dinner at Bonefish , nad whatever it was I ordered was absolutely delicious! Also, Bonefish now has brown paper coverings on top of their tables, so I got to draw pictures with crayons while we were waiting for our food :D. My mom came and did my makeup before we left the house.  That was the first time I’ve ever worn makeup. Probably the last until I get married. It looked good and I didn’t mind it, but it took forever to get all off.

2. I swore in Monday 😀 That was a very long day @ MEPS since I also had my physical that morning. My recruiter picked me up at 5 and I left MEPS at around 2.  There were two other recruits that swore in with me that day. I met some pretty cool people as well as some people who definitely aren’t going to make it through basic training. I’ll make another post about my experience later. I learned something to: You can take your ASVAB, physical, swear in and ship out all on the same day! For some reason I thought they didn’t do that anymore. Everything went smoothly through the day, with the exception of me almost getting the wrong job. I was going in as a 91b, but my recruiter accidentally pulled a 91p place for me. THAT would’ve been terrible. Fortunately, we caught it before I signed my contract. Oh yeah, and I almost didn’t get to swear in because of my weight. I was literally .1% over the required BMI for my height. The doctor told me that I absolutely cannot loose any weight by the time I ship to reception or they’ll make me wait until I gain it before I ship to basic. So now I’m on a strict weight lifting/protein+carb heavy/minimum running regimen until I ship.

3. I prepared my first Red Snapper for dinner Tuesday. Not a big deal to most people, but I’ve always wanted to make a meal of one and couldn’t afford it. They’re pretty expensive fishies. Like $11.99 a pound expensive. But my mom bought me one after I swore in Monday 🙂 .  I grilled it on the grill stuffed with lemon, ginger, and a teeny bit of cilantro, salt and pepper and it was delicious. I also grilled Blue Fish. We had a fish rainbow theme going on that night.

4. I spent all week (okay, not all week, more like 2 days) studying for a Latin quiz I was supposed to have Friday. When I got to class, my teacher said that she wouldn’t be giving a quiz that day.  -_- When I finally study, then we have no quiz?!

5. We have two more weeks of school left! Which is both terrifying and exciting. Here’s a pros and cons list of the last day of school.


-I’ll be done with highschool forever!!  😀

– I won’t have to write anymore essays for school until January!! 😀

– I won’t have anymore presentations to do for school!!  😀

-I’ll be done with highschool forever!! 😀


– I have a Latin final on the last day of class  -_-

– I have an essay due on the last day of class  -_-

-I have a presentation on the last day of class -_-

– I have so much stuff to turn in on the last day of class!! 😥

I’m currently trying to devise a way to get out of going the last day, thus maing all of my troubles disappear. Maybe I can see if there’s a drill scheduled anywhere for that day…



me about to swear in

Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, and some fixin's

Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, and some fixin’s



Aside 16 Apr

Today, I was going to write about all of the exciting things that have been going on in my life right now. About going to prom with my friend, about my last trip to MEPS, and about my swearing in ceremony today. But, with all that’s happened today, with all of the bombings, I feel less excited about anything thats happening in my life right now. I feel it would almost be dishonorable to talk about my accomplishments and endeavours while three people in Boston and an unknown number in Iraq have lost their lives today to bombings.

I will say that I wish I wasn’t just a sitting duck right now. I wish I could do something, anything to help the people that were directly affected, or even the family who’re waiting in hospitals to recieve word on their loved ones. I wish I could help find whatever sick bastards think things like these are okay to do. But right now, I can’t do any of that. So I’ll pray for their lives, that their injuries aren’t fatal, for the National Guardsmen and women that are going to assist them, or in the case of those in the Iraq, that anyone assists them at all. For now I’ll pray, because thats all I can do.